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Next Steps for IBM SPSS

Next Steps for IBM SPSS

SPSS Statistics Subscriptions & Packages For Everyone

SPSS Statistics is the name in data analytics for statisticians, researchers, and business analysts.

Formerly a perpetual package, SPSS Statistics is now available by subscription. A subscription option means you spend less time updating your software and more time diving into the analytics of your business. Depending on your business’s needs, you can select a subscription option that includes features like Advanced Statistics, Forecasting, Decision Trees, and more. Once it is time to share your findings, you can create standard files that are easy to share with your partners and clients.

Do you want to review the features of SPSS Statistics? Visit our informational product page to learn more about how SPSS Statistics can help you gather, organize, and understand data.


How to Purchase SPSS Statistics After Your Trial Has Ended

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Start Analyzing Your Data Using SPSS Statistics

IBM® SPSS Statistics Simplified

IBM® SPSS® Statistics enables organizations to gather rich insights from data with a powerful set of tools to validate assumptions, analyze past performance and forecast trends. To ensure that the most advanced techniques are available to a broader group of analysts and business users, enhancements have been made to the features and capabilities of the IBM SPSS Statistics portfolio.

Because IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription does not rely on the traditional SPSS Statistics licensing model, you are provided more flexibility with your purchasing options. You can purchase the software as a monthly subscription without any term commitments. The simplified packaging makes purchasing the right options to suit your needs a breeze.

Subscription Plan

Traditional or Perpetual


Base Custom Tables & Advanced Stats Complex Sampling & Testing Forecasting & Decision Trees Base Standard Professional Premium Trial
Statistics Base
Data Preparation – Automated data preparation—enhanced model viewer for automated data preparation
– Validate data—streamline the process of validating data before analyzing it
– Anomaly detection—identify unusual cases in a multivariate setting
– Optimal binning
BootstrappingThe Bootstrapping module makes bootstrapping, a technique for testing model stability, easier. It estimates sampling distribution of an estimator by resampling with replacement from the original sample.
Advanced Statistics Advanced Statistics includes the following features: Cox regression
General linear modeling (GLM)
– General factorial
– Multivariate (MANOVA)
– Repeated measures
– Variance components
Generalized linear models and generalized estimating equations
– Gamma regression
– Poisson regression
– Negative binomial
GENLOG for loglinear and logit
Generalized linear mixed models (GLMM) (ordinal targets included)
Bayesian statistics
Hierarchical loglinear models
Kaplan Meier
Linear mixed-level models (aka hierarchical linear models)
Variance component estimation
RegressionRegression enables you to predict categorical outcomes and apply various nonlinear regression procedures. You can use these procedures for business and analysis projects where ordinary regression techniques are limiting or inappropriate.
Custom TablesCustom Tables enables you to summarize SPSS Statistics data, and display your analyses as presentation-quality, production-ready tables. It provides analytical capabilities to help you learn from your data, and offers advanced features that allow you to build tables people can easily read and interpret.
Missing ValuesThe Missing Values module helps you manage missing values in your data and draw more valid conclusions. Uncover the patterns behind missing data, estimate summary statistics and impute missing values using statistical algorithms.
Categories– Correspondence analysis (ANACOR) – Principal components analysis for categorical data (CATPCA; replaces PRINCALS) – Ridge regression, lasso, elastic net (CATREG) – CORRESPONDENCE – Nonlinear canonical correlation (OVERALS) – Multidimensional scaling for individual differences scaling with constraints (PROXSCAL) – Preference scaling (PREFSCAL; multidimensional unfolding) – Multiple correspondence analysis
ForecastingForecasting provides advanced capabilities that enable both novice and experienced users to develop reliable forecasts using time-series data. Users with less expertise can create sophisticated forecasts that integrate multiple variables, while experienced forecasters can use the software to validate their models.
Decision TreesDecision Trees enables you to identify groups, discover relationships between them and predict future events. It features visual classification and decision trees to help you present categorical results and more clearly explain analysis to non-technical audiences. Create classification models for segmentation, stratification, prediction, data reduction and variable screening.
Neural NetworksNeural Networks uses nonlinear data modeling to discover complex relationships and derive greater value from your data. Take advantage of multilayer perceptron (MLP) or radial basis function (RBF) procedures. You can set the conditions — control the training stopping rules and network architecture — or let the procedure choose.
Direct MarketingDirect Marketing lets you conduct advanced analysis of your customers or contacts to help improve your results. Choose from recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM) analysis, cluster analysis, prospect profiling, postal code analysis, propensity scoring and control package testing.
Complex SamplesComplex Samples software can compute statistics and standard errors from complex sample designs by incorporating the designs into survey analysis. This solution helps you produce a more accurate picture by allowing subpopulation assessments to consider other subpopulations.
ConjointThe Conjoint module provides conjoint analysis to help you better understand consumer preferences, trade-offs and price sensitivity. It enables you to uncover more information about how customers compare products in the marketplace, and measure how individual product attributes affect consumer behavior.
Exact TestsExact Tests enables you to analyze rare occurrences in large databases or work with small samples. With over 30 exact tests, you can analyze your data where traditional tests fail — for example, if you have a small number of case variables with a high percentage of responses in one category or have to subset your data into fine breakdowns.
SPSS AmosAmos is a powerful structural equation modeling (SEM) software helping support your research and theories by extending standard multivariate analysis methods, including regression, factor analysis, correlation and analysis of variance.
(Windows Desktop Only)
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How to choose the right SPSS Statistics subscription plan

The trial version of SCSS Statistics includes all features that are currently available on the platform. However, if you only need a few analytics tools, there is a subscription plan that can work for you. If you are ready to dive into more advanced statistics, you can upgrade your subscription to a plan that includes Advanced Statistics and Custom Tables for more precise data measuring and presentations.

Check out the various subscription packages available below. For more information about what is included in each package, please view the options for perpetual and subscription-based licenses.

To purchase SPSS Statistics' traditional package or change your perpetual package to a subscription plan, please reach out to a DAI Source representative for pricing and licensing information.

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