DAI Source is dedicated to helping our clients connect with information in an easy to use fashion and empowering businesses to make better decisions. We guide our clients through the various best-of-breed technology options from IBM, ensuring our client’s needs are paired with the proper business intelligence and analytics solution based on their specific requirements.

The best business intelligence software delivers trusted information for a solid, single version of the truth, while letting you work with information in the way that you want, and puts tools in your hands to author and share information as you require.

IBM solutions

With BI and Analytics software from IBM you can:

  • Set targets and see results, while gaining a better understanding for what drives the numbers.
  • Determine trends, whether beneficial or threatening to your business.
  • Take action based on information shared across departments, streamlining the decision process.
  • Analyze opportunities to improve and increase business efficiency.
  • Tap into information from across the enterprise, gaining transparency across the organization.
  • Empower business and technical users, providing the ability to deliver, interact, and gain insight based off of specific role requirements.
  • Optimize decisions made by individuals or automated decision systems, based on insight derived from analytics.
  • View historical and real time data, improving decision processes based on real time analysis and predictive modeling of information.
  • Achieve better business outcomes by managing risk and improving operations.

Talk with your DAI Source representative today to find out how you can leverage our B.E.S.T. Services Solution offering to fast track your BI project success! We work closely with our clients, delivering in depth pre-assessment and analysis of IBM’s Cognitive and Platform Analytics Solutions for cloud and on premise deployments, as well as providing implementation and post implementation assistance.


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DAI Source is a noted technology and solutions firm based in Irving, Texas providing consulting services in Data Management, Analytics and Security Solutions to a broad range of clients across the U.S.


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