Petal: Leveraging generative AI in the healthcare technology space​


Probable gain in velocity by integrating generative AI into our daily lives

Trung Quach, Vice President of Information Technology for Petal, a leading Canadian healthcare technology company, shared his thoughts on using watsonx:


2023 has truly been a transformative year 
for generative AI, and looking to the future, there is a huge opportunity to leverage this technology in the healthcare technology space.

Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring what this could look like at, digging deeper into how AI solutions could further integrate into our business (IT for employees) by improving the operational efficiency of our internal processes, to contribute to our offering, to healthcare organizations.

This is an exciting next step in our technology roadmap as an organization.


I would like to thank the team we work 
with at IBM Canada and Versatil, for their partnership and support along this journey.

We have had the opportunity to use and test the watsonx platform in several use cases such as predicting trends in ebbs and flows, simulating BI Master Data Management (MDM) (almost insurmountable) with AI, self-correcting operational support, evaluating the quality of support tickets or even detecting hidden emotions in them, etc.

The proofs of concept, which we conducted on IBM's platform, showed us that by using this trusted technology, we could likely improve our velocity and indirectly optimize our costs by integrating generative AI into our daily workflow—time that we can reinvest in our team to deliver even more value to our customers. We could probably have a gain of more than 50% in velocity by integrating generative AI into our daily lives.

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