Using IBM watsonx Orchestrate to improve employee and customer happiness


Avid Solutions is a research and development firm with a bold mission to revolutionize food production and sustainable agriculture by helping government agencies establish self-sustaining agricultural systems both terrestrial and in space. The firm’s team of experts are laser-focused on identifying and implementing solutions that support the development of sustainable food production systems both terrestrial and in space. But there are also the day-to-day logistics of operating a consultancy to consider. “Customer onboarding, project management and expense reporting are critical tasks for our business, but they are also time-consuming and error-prone,” explains Dr. Malcolm Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Avid Solutions.


To help reduce errors and alleviate operational burdens, Dr. Adams and his team started using the IBM® watsonx™ Orchestrate solution to automate repetitive tasks undertaken by employees such as customer service representatives, project managers and accountants.

The workstreams they
have started optimizing include customer onboarding, project management and expense reporting. Watsonx Orchestrate has helped the team automate the many steps in these lengthy and error-prone processes that are critical to the business.



Reduction in the time it takes to onboard new customers


Reduction in errors caused by manual project management processes

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