Mission Critical Cloud Computing

What You Need To Know About Risk, Cost, and Value of Migrating Mission Critical Applications To The Cloud

Your computer system offers world class functionality, security and useability, but that didn’t happen overnight. Likely, your team has worked continuously to deliver reliable technology infrastructure to meet the evolving demands of your customers while supporting mission critical applications, keeping pace with digital transformation, and capitalizing on automation needed to run your business efficiently and effectively. The thought of replacing core systems that have been so productive and cost effective or migrating them to the Cloud, is one of the most challenging decisions.


Exploring Cloud Alternatives

Today companies continue to receive excellent value from core applications that ran on IBM i, now known as IBM Power Systems. In fact, it’s likely your company has already realized the return on the original investment and now is faced with evaluating mission critical cloud computing alternatives. At DAISource, we understand the pressures to upgrade, take advantage of new capabilities as well as the threat of vendors ending support for some underlying element that is necessary to continue operating your applications. If you’re wondering ...

  • How long can we continue to benefit from these systems?
  • Will migrating to the cloud provide the same advantages of the built-in automation features of the IBM i?
  • Will migrating to cloud compromise the symbiotic relationship of the hardware to the operating system, database, system software and ultimately, the applications?

RISK: Age is a common denominator, both the systems' age and the fact that support resources are becoming less available as experienced applications software specialists and systems support engineers are leaving the workforce.

Another area of Risk that this approach avoids is the Risk of Failure of implementing an alternative solution. All one needs to do is Google: “failed software projects” or “failed software package implementation projects” to see the truth about these efforts. These search results range from stories about the disastrous impacts such projects had on the companies’ bottom lines to the reasons for the failures to the costs in monetary terms, the loss of customers, consumer trust and relationships. In some extreme cases, companies have gone into bankruptcy as a result of these failed efforts.

Migrating systems to Power Virtual Server (PowerVS) which is IBM’s Power System platform hosted at IBM Data Centers, reduces risk by shifting the operations responsibilities to IBM and the software support responsibilities to managed services consulting companies. Continuing to leverage these investments by moving them to the IBM cloud will reduce risk and extend the life of the solution.


Aspera Team

IBM PLATINUM BUSINESS PARTNER: DAI Source is an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we’ll work with you to evaluate options that will continue to leverage one of your company's most strategic business assets - your proven technology / legacy applications! Avoid the RISK of becoming a part of the growing number of failed implementation projects, unnecessary financial COST that may not deliver the same VALUE your company has been providing to your customers with your existing applications.

COST: Companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs. Replacing enterprise systems is a huge expense, is extremely disruptive to the entire company and especially to the customers. From cost avoidance by leveraging existing technology to deferring investments or using that technology in new and more advantageous ways making it more valuable to the company, migrating mission critical applications to the cloud can accomplish both these goals.


VALUE: The IBM strategy of co-locating the PowerVS systems with IBM Cloud® at the IBM global hosting facilities leverages the investment your company has made in this platform and the applications that run on it. The connectivity, security and features (such as IBM Watson) are all available as a part of the PowerVS solution offering. All of the latest advancements in technology are a part of the IBM solution footprint and become an extension of your valuable applications. Additionally, the enhancements that have been made to the applications are preserved after the migration enabling the user community to continue to have the benefit of the “customized” systems that enable them to do their jobs, providing the value to which your customers have become accustomed and that they appreciate about your company.


GET STARTED NOW: Get Started Now! Join us on May 18, 2022 for a live webinar and learn about implementing an IBM i Cloud Computing Foundation.

Experts explain how technology leaders are addressing the pressure to accelerate digital transformation while ensuring enterprise applications are transitioned to cloud successfully. If you’re running mission critical workloads on IBM i / IBM Power Systems with applications developed in-house or packages such as Lawson (Infor M3 and S3), Mapics (Infor XA), BPCS (Infor LS), Infinium, PRMS, etc. this webinar will provide you an overview of how they can be moved intact to the IBM cloud (PowerVS).

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