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Next Steps for IBM Instana

Next Steps for IBM Instana

An Instana License Offers Options for Cloud & On-Prem Installation

With your trial of Instana coming to an end, it’s time to consider if you want to continue utilizing the best observability tools available.

Instana allows both cloud tenants and on-prem installation. Instana’s cloud offering has tenants hosted in both AWS and GCP. The tenants undergo rigorous security testing, initially guided by GDPR but expanded for the consideration of other regulatory bodies.

In the rare case that a customer needs a fully air-gapped or isolated environment, DAI Source and IBM-Instana engineers will help the customer design the environment. That will include containers, repos, network firewall rules, storage, and application hosting requirements. Instana has created a simple installation process for customers to bring up their own environment including a full set of application dashboards, and data runtimes.

Instana APM Monitoring

To explore Instana’s features, check out our informational product page. Explore how observability works and how Instana is improving observability practices.


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Volume Discounts for Instana on Cloud & Instana Enterprise

If you are ready to move from a trial to a permanent license, DAI Source will help you understand pricing and place your order. Instana’s pricing is simple. There is a single metric, which is application nodes. The list price is $75 per application node. The application nodes are defined as virtual or physical hosts or a Kubernetes application (worker) node. Learn more about Instana.

The DAI Source sales team, as a Platinum IBM Partner, can help you get even better pricing. Contact us to explore discount possibilities. Our technical team will help you code your application nodes, and our sales team will create a quote for you.

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