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Next Steps with IBM Aspera

Next Steps with IBM Aspera

Continue Sharing Data Quickly & Safely with Aspera

Is your trial of Aspera coming to an end?

Don’t find yourself without access to one of the fastest and most secure file-sharing clouds available. Whether you are sharing large data sets or time-sensitive information, Aspera is the efficient solution you don’t want to miss. 

Aspera delivers data and files hundreds of times faster than more traditional methods like TCP, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, or hard drives. Not only is Aspera fast, but it is also secure thanks to its FASP protocols. Before it is sent, your information is encrypted and protected, ensuring a safe transfer you can rely on. FASP was patented by IBM, so customers can feel safe knowing their important file and data sharing products come from the same source.

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Do you need a refresher on everything Aspera has to offer? Visit our informational product page to learn more about how Aspera can help improve efficiency and safety for your business. Learn more about Aspera.


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Ordering Options for Aspera on Cloud & Aspera Enterprise

When you upgrade from an Aspera trial to a full license, you give your team and business partners access to the best file-sharing system on the market. From safely sharing confidential information to quickly receiving time-sensitive data, Aspera will change the way you work. If you are ready to move from a trial to a permanent license, DAI Source will help you understand your pricing and place your order. You can choose between a product subscription, perpetual license, or commit to long-term licensing. The representatives at DAI Source will help you select a license plan that suits your environment. 

As a Platinum IBM Partner, the DAI Source sales team can help you access better pricing. Contact us to explore your plan pricing options. Our sales team will create a custom quote for your business needs. If you have not taken advantage of your trial period, please reach out to a sales rep. We can help walk you through the benefits of IBM's Aspera.

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